How A Chiropractor Used This Little-Known Strategy To Help Grow His YouTube Channel From 139 Subscribers to 82,066 Subscribers Without Spending Any Money On Ads Or Marketing
From: Dr. Walter Salubro
Vaughan, Ontario

Have you been struggling to grow your YouTube channel and are unsure of what the next step should be?

You have a channel for your chiropractic clinic and you know that it could be doing better if only you knew how to get more views and subscribers.

With over 2.3 billion active monthly users on YouTube, there is a lot of competition for your video content which means it's hard to get noticed by the right people and even by prospective new patients.

It can feel like an endless struggle where you're fighting against all odds just to grow your channel so that one day maybe someone will notice your work and give you the recognition that you deserve.

My name is Dr. Walter Salubro, a chiropractor in Vaughan, Ontario.

I've been through the same thing as you when I first started my YouTube channel.

For the first 5 years and 45 video uploads later, my channel gained a mere 139 subscribers (that's 2.4 subscribers per month). 

My videos weren't being discovered the way I expected and it felt very frustrating. 

I soon realized that the only way to get my videos seen is if they rank well in YouTube search results and they get lots of views from people who are searching for specific terms related to my topic.

That's when I discovered a little-known and simple video optimization strategy that targets the right keywords so I can rank above other videos competing with mine.

I started to use this video optimization strategy with my next new videos and it helped me grow my YouTube channel to from 139 subscribers to over 82,000 subscribers. And... without spending any money on ads or marketing.

Many of my videos have hundreds of thousands of views. 
My most popular video has over 2.6 millions views.
Because of this increased growth and audience, my videos started to rank on the first page of the YouTube search results. 

What happened next was amazing!

Not only did my subscriber count grow, but I started getting noticed locally also by people in my town. 

I started to get calls for new patient appointments from people watching my YouTube videos.

To date, over 109 new patients came to my office straight from my YouTube videos which has generated an additional $121,396 in collections.

That's when I truly knew I cracked the YouTube enigma with this strategy.

I have also taught this strategy to other chiropractors who are getting similar results.

One chiropractor, Dr. Jon Saunders of Newmarket, Ontario, used the YouTube Video Optimization Blueprint strategy to help grow his YouTube channel from 60 subscribers to over 62,000 subscribers. 

Dr. Jon also has number videos with tens of thousands and hundred of thousands of views. One of his videos recently surpassed 2 million views

Not only is Dr. Jon seeing growth on his YouTube channel with the help of the YouTube Video Optimization Blueprint, but he also consistently gets 2 to 4 new patients a week from his YouTube videos.

Imagine The Growth Of Your YouTube Channel When You Optimize All Videos for views and engagement. Imagine how much more attention they will receive, not just from people On YouTube but also from people in your local community. 
What would that do for Both you and your practice?

Imagine The Growth Of Your YouTube Channel When You Optimize All Videos for views and engagement. Imagine how much more attention they will receive, not just from people On YouTube but also from people in your local community. 
What would that do for you and your practice?

You'd be famous on YouTube and respected as a local authority in your community. 
Your practice would grow!

My mission now is to help other chiropractors who are struggling with their YouTube channel get noticed more, grow their channel, and even get discovered locally so they get more new patients in their office.

To accomplish that mission, I put together an online training for chiropractors that teaches my #1 strategy for optimizing YouTube videos.

It's called the YouTube Video Optimization Blueprint and it's the exact strategy I used to get my videos ranked on the top of YouTube and Google search results.

Here's Exactly What You Will Discover Inside The YouTube Video Optimization Blueprint

  • The secret to finding the perfect video topic that gets discovered by people are more likely to watch it. This helps increase your video views and subscribers fast.
  • ​How to write video titles that are attention-grabbing, unique, informative, and engaging. This will increase click-through rate and build trust with potential viewers which gets you more subscribers.
  • How to compile a list of the best video tags that are relevant to your video topic and will trigger people who search for them specifically. This is especially crucial for new channels and it can help kick-start discovery from YouTube and also from Google.
  • How to write a captivating video description that draws the viewer in and tells them about your content. This is an essential part of getting found on Youtube!
  • ​A case study showing how one of my videos ranked #1 on YouTube, #3 on Google, and gained 38,000 views using my YouTube Video Optimization Blueprint. 
  • ​Plus much much more!

You can achieve all this without wasting time trying to figure it all out yourself.

Check Out These Other Cool Bonuses You Will Get

Check Out These Other Cool Bonuses You Will Get

BONUS #1: 
Perfect YouTube Video Script

($497 Value)

Don't know the best way to script your videos, what to say, and how to get people to keep watching? Don't worry because the very first add-on bonus training I have for you is the Perfect YouTube Video Script. I have spent over two years developing and perfecting this script. You will now exactly how to start your video, how to hook your viewer's attention right from the start, when to introduce yourself, when to deliver the core content, how and when to ask people to subscribe, comment, and share, and how to close out your video. You will instantly look and sound like a professional YouTuber who has been doing YouTube for years. I taught this script to other chiropractors and are getting thousands of views on their videos.

YouTube Channel Optimizer Checklist

($297 Value)

You will discover all the elements of your YouTube channel that need optimization for ultimate success. With this checklist, you can audit and make necessary corrections so all mistakes are fixed! Most chiropractors miss most if not all these opportunities - but now it's time get ahead by learning how fix them yourself with simple steps that will make yours videos stand out in order get more viewers, subscribers, or likes than ever before. Don't let your videos get lost in the noise. Audit your entire channel and optimize it for maximum growth on YouTube with this list of crucial elements!

Here's A Recap


When You Purchase YouTube Video Optimizer Blueprint Today

Here's A Recap


When You Purchase YouTube Video Optimizer Blueprint Today

  • YouTube Video Optimizer Blueprint                         ($497 Value)
  • Perfect YouTube Video Script                                    ($497 Value)
  • YouTube Channel Optimizer Checklist                     ($297 Value)
  • YouTube Video Optimizer Blueprint ($497 Value)
  • Perfect YouTube Video Script ($497 Value)
  • YouTube Channel Optimizer Checklist ($297 Value)

Total Value: $1,291

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